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Decorate Your Tree Like a Pro

Choosing Your Tree

While there are no rules for creating your holiday masterpiece, there are tips for achieving optimum effect no matter what the theme or style you’re working with. It starts with the tree. A few key choices: fresh or artificial, green or flocked, slender or wide, tall or short; you can often find a tree style that will suit your ornament and décor style.

Adding the Foundation

Lights are the foundation for a well-decorated tree. One hundred lights per foot of tree height is the average, but the more the better. Adding shaped or colored specialty lights, like those that reflect a theme, will create a great effect. Next, tuck in a decorating fabric, like LeSheer, in the center of the tree. This will create the illusion of fullness, with less ornaments.

Adding Your Ornaments

A well-decorated tree will have several shapes and sizes of ornamentation incorporated together. One distinction between a casual and formal show tree is in the ornament mix. Formal trees have layers of the same ornaments in quantities dispersed evenly over the tree. This uniformity creates more elegance and formality. The charm of many casual trees is in the lack of uniformity; often they are filled with numerous handmade family mementos. No matter the style, Christmas tree decorating is a lesson in both restraint and excess simultaneously. Too many ornaments are as unsettling as too few. Organize your ornaments into groups by style and size and put them on the tree in a methodical fashion. Put the largest in first and deepest into the tree, followed in size to the smallest. Everything does not need to hang; don’t forget to use the tops of branches, often a good place to highlight special shapes, like birds, floral sprays or bows.

The Finishing Touch

Finding the right tree topper and tree skirt can stump even the seasoned decorator. Remember, you don’t need a traditional top or skirt here. For the topper use elements of the tree in an exaggerated, more concentrated way like floral sprays or something from your theme like a cowboy hat. A few yards of coordinating fabric is the perfect finish that can set your tree off while saving you the cost of a traditional tree skirt.

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