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Wight’s is known for having the best selection of artificial Christmas trees around. We’ve been selling Artificial Christmas trees for over 20 years and have chosen those made by manufacturers that meet our standards for quality and affordability. You’ll find high quality trees with more lights, more tips for fullness and of better construction. Our selection has more variety, with sizes ranging from table-top to 12’ tall, slender to full, in flocked, green or specialty colors. Coordinating wreaths, garlands and stems complete the selection that customers need for their indoor decorating.

Advantages to Owning an Artificial Tree

In the classic sense, it is hard to improve on the natural beauty of a fresh Christmas tree. Yet as the quality and beauty of artificial trees continues to grow, they are gaining in popularity. Many people prefer the convenience of an artificial tree-especially those with allergies or space issues. And for us die-hard decorators, we know that nothing compares to the ease of decorating an artificial tree. The construction provides strong branches that are able to hold more without bending, and there is less irregularity in the spacing between branches allowing the tree to appear more visually balanced and symmetrical.
Purchasing an artificial tree is often a more economical choice as the reasonable expected “life” of an artificial tree is three to five years or longer depending on care. Also, your artificial tree can be on display indefinitely versus the 10 to 20 days of the fresh cut tree. Many artificial trees are also pre-lit, saving you the extra expense of purchasing your lights separately.
There are also many conveniences in owning an artificial tree. You can avoid the upkeep of watering and regular vacuuming of fallen needles. Many people look forward to the tradition of picking out and bringing home their fresh cut tree each year; for those of us who have difficulty transporting and setting up a fresh-cut tree, the convenience of owning an artificial tree is great. Pre-lit trees offer another huge convenience and will save you a great deal of time and grief; sparing yourself the tedious task of putting the lights on the tree (an art form in itself when done properly). Because artificial trees are lit in sections, you will be able to set-up, breakdown and store your tree easily.

Selecting Your Artificial Tree

There are a few things to remember when selecting an artificial tree: quality and warranty. A quality tree will look realistic with varied foliage styles and sizes. Look for many tips on the branches for a fuller tree and notice how well the tips are secured to the branches. An average warranty for an artificial tree is three years, yet there are manufacturers that offer even longer warranties.

An Important Reminder…

When caring for your artificial tree, it is important that you always store your tree in its original box–warranties require it for good reason. The box is designed to properly protect not only the tree’s frame and branches, but the lights as well. Technology continues to improve the life of the light strings. But the better you care for your tree, the longer it will reward you with performance — often, well past the warranty.

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