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Simple Steps to Creating a Home Oasis

Part 1

Your home is your refuge, a cozy escape where you are inspired, renewed and revitalized. In a world of commutes and schedules- your home should be a little slice of heaven in an otherwise hectic life. Home is that special get away, a place that you’ll need no extra gas to get to. There’s no requirement to dress up, do your makeup or shave. There are no deadlines or conference calls, and no reservations are required. Your home is already where you are, and should be the place you most want to be.


Our home should suit, as well as fulfill our needs-transporting us to a place where simple pleasures feed the soul and rest the mind. Here are the first of several simple, yet effective steps you can take to make your home the place where friends and family love to gather, joining you in the joy of your home oasis.


A water feature.

Whether indoors or outdoors, a water feature adds a refreshing, soothing, ambiance to the environment. In the garden – fountains, ponds and pools, instantly transform the landscape, inviting us to linger, lounge and relax. Some require installation, but there are plenty of water features where nothing more than filling it with water and plugging it in is needed. As with anything else, consider your space as well as your style and color preferences. Maintenance is key, so when choosing a water feature make sure you understand the care required to keep it clean and running properly. Indoor fountains are also very popular. Whether in an entry or on a desk top, fountains add interest and resonate with good vibes. Outside or inside, moving water creates a clean, refreshing sound, soothing us effortlessly back into our skins. It is the peaceful ambiance of a water feature that not only soothes our senses, but can divert our attention away from unwanted noises.


Light is an essential element of life. We crave it. We bask in it. We thrive in it. Light creates warm and welcoming spaces. Every space is enhanced with proper lighting. Candles, lamps, windows and skylights all play their part in bringing every room in your home to life. Candles imbue a special feeling, casting a magical glow. Whether it’s dinner-for-one, or for many, a candle makes any meal a more enjoyable experience. Lamps come in a wide variety styles and sizes. As decorative as they are functional, a lamp can be the finishing touch or the focal point of your rooms’ décor. Sky lights give us indoor access to the sky. Outdoors, illuminated garden paths invite us to explore and breathe in the evening air. Garden lighting is available in many different forms. From Tiki torches to solar garden lights, great night-time outdoor spaces include the use of outdoor lighting. Patio fire pits, like Chimineas, make any evening a special occasion by creating a cozy, contained fire to gather around with friends and family.

Create privacy.

Humans love to fill private, cozy spaces, soaking up the energy of comfort and well being. In our world of shrinking lot sizes and limited free time, privacy is exceptionally precious. If the happy home dweller had a constitution– privacy would certainly be one of our inalienable rights. Privacy creates secret enclaves that act as magnets to the heart and soul. We can create private spaces both inside and out. Indoors, window shades and blinds create privacy without sacrificing light. A well positioned tree outside a window, can shield us from prying eyes, while creating beauty from both sides of the window. Gazebos, arbors, trellis and privacy screens all create the cozy, private spaces where we can relax and just hang out. With an investment of time, hedges, shrubs and trees will reward us with a lush green retreat. Urban Bistro’s understand this basic desire of human nature for privacy. Busy downtown street corners can be transformed into welcoming spaces by creating the illusion of privacy.

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