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Did your clematis suddenly die back just when it was about to bloom?

Never fear, it is probably not dead, just hit by “clematis wilt”. Wilt is caused by a fungus called Ascochyta clematidina.
It tends to infect damaged stems and is most heartbreaking on young, smaller plants that can completely collapse to the ground.
Nothing can revive the affected stems; simply cut them down plus one inch into the healthy area (this may even be underground). Get rid of the diseased cuttings (do not compost them yourself).
Then spray the remaining stems and water the ground around them with a good fungicide. Repeat the spraying/watering at two week intervals until you are sure that there is no further danger of infection.
New shoots will come from below the ground in a few weeks or as long as 3 years.
When you plant clematis, it is helpful to set it in the soil up to 4 – 6 inches deeper than the size of the container. It will sprout new roots on any stems buried underground. This will give it a stronger root system to withstand the wilt. Make sure it is in well draining soil, add lime or gypsum (for calcium) to the backfill soil as well as TerraRosa Perennial food.


Champoeg Nursery 
Wholesale growers of an extensive collection of plants that are native to the Pacific and Inland Northwest including Clematis and other vines.
Clearview Horticultural Products 
Home of Clematis, a site provided as a public service to assist those who wish to grow the many varieties of Clematis

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Vines are flexible and thus can be trained to wrap around a post, cover a chain link fence, arch, arbor, pergola, obelisk, or any structure useful for support. They can soften or disguise a wall or enhance an outdoor structure while providing summer shade for a window or outdoor living area. We carry a huge selection of perennial and evergreen vines and well as some annual vines for maximum summer bloom. Most all vines are rapid growing and all vines are easy to cultivate and can provide months of seasonal bloom as well as attractive foliages. Grab one and let’s get climbing!

Plant suggestions

Climbing Plants for Shade: Climbing Hydrangea (H.anomala petiolaris), Japanese Climbing Hydrangea (Shizophragma hybrid ‘Moonlight’ or ‘Roseum’), and Clematis Hybrids (we can get hundreds of hybrids, the more popular are: ‘Nelly Moser’, ‘Jackmanii’, Henryi, Multi-Blue, Dr. Ruppel, The President, Niobe, Proteus, Etoile Violette, Dutchess of Edinburgh).
Evergreen Climbers: Evergreen Clematis (C. armandii, C. cartmanii ‘Avalanche’, C. cirrhosa ‘Freckles’), Evergreen Hydrangea (H. integrifolia, H. seemanii), and Star Jasmine (Trachelospernum jasminoides).
Fragrant Climbers: Clematis (C. armandii, C. Montana), Climbing Roses, Wisteria, Honeysuckle (Lonicera), and Akebia.
Annual Vines for Summer Color: Canary Vines, Scarlet Runner Beans, Thunbergia (Black Eyed Susan), and Sweet Peas.
Other Favorite Vines: Boston Ivy, Grapes, Kiwi, Porcelain Vine, Trumpet Vine, Hops, and Passionflower.

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