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Cut back ornamental grasses in March when the new growth is just beginning. Check the variety’s needs first. Some should be cut back hard; some varieties should be cut down two thirds and do not cut members of the carex family at all.


Blooming Nursery

A wholesale grower for Wight’s dedicated to supplying a wide variety of reliable plant material, including herbaceous perennials, groundcovers and other plants.
Monrovia Horticultural Craftsmen

A wholesale grower which produces container-grown plants, spanning a range of hardy and tender perennials, shrubs, grasses, and trees, in premium-sized specimens.

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Ornamental Grasses bring great richness of texture, variety, and beauty to set off your finest flowers. These are the darlings of garden designers and are easy to grow and maintain. Grasses add interest to a garden by changing with the seasons. They don’t disappear; instead evolving throughout the year.

Cool Season Grasses

Cool season grass will start to grow early in the spring and may even remain semi-evergreen over the winter. Cool season grasses also seem to do better and have better foliage quality when temperatures are cool or if they are given sufficient water during drought periods. Some of the more popular cool season grasses include, Fescues, Blue Oat Grass, Tufted Hair Grass, and Autumn Moor Grass.

Warm Season Grasses

Warm season grasses will do better during warmer times of the year and remain good looking even when temperatures are high and moisture is limited. Warm season grasses do not begin to show growth until the weather becomes stable and the soils warm. Some warm season grasses include Northern Sea Oats, Japanese Silver Grass, Hardy Pampas Grass, Perennial Fountain Grass, Switch Grass and Prairie Cord Grass.

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