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2015 NW Flower & Garden Show

Once again, Wight’s has joined in the Fun at the NW Flower & Garden Show!


Our “Garden of Gardens” in the ‘City Living’ Display has won the award for Best Design. Each year, we are honored to take part in the nation’s 2nd largest Flower & Garden Show and we’d love for you to be a part of it too! Visit our Garden Center to purchase tickets to this fabulous event and make sure to stop by our patio garden on the Sky-Bridge for special savings on your upcoming spring purchases, you’ll be glad you did!

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Photos of Wight’s “Garden of Gardens” Display for Your Viewing


Wight’s display gardens 2013 – 2009



2013: NW Flower & Garden Show

Click on buttons above to see still photos from our slideshow

Pillow Talk

A wink at the whimsy and charm of the romantic comedies of the 50’s. Two distinct interiors and gardens portray how brilliantly opposites can attract.
She lives in an ultra-feminine space her frilly bedroom the center of her universe of coiffuring, and getting her beauty sleep; that is, when she’s not flirting on the telephone. Her garden is blooming and colorful, inspiring her wardrobe.

He prefers relaxing in his favorite chair surrounded by masculine serenity, despite the lively repartee with the object of his desire. His garden is simple and tailored and reflecting his gentlemanly demeanor.
Finally, the presence of a white picket fence hints to their next starring roles…soon to appear at a theatre near you.

Click to see official show flyer (side 1) for “Pillow Talk”

Click to see official show flyer (side 2) for “Pillow Talk”

Click to see the plant list for “Pillow Talk” display garden


2012 NW Flower & Garden Show:

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‘April in Paris’ depicts a Paris street scene in spring with a Café & Boulangerie and neighbored by an artist-in-residence in her refined, simple and elegant garret.
Feb. 8-12, 2012. Here are our our 2012 handouts:

Click to see official show flyer for “April In Paris”

Click to see the plant list for “April In Paris” display garden

2011 NW Flower & Garden Show:

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‘Once Upon a Thyme’ is a peek into the heart & soul of a very wise woman indeed.
Feb. 23-27, 2011. Here are our our 2011 handouts:

Official show flyer for “Once Upon a Thyme: A Recipe for the Good Life”


Fairy Garden List


2010 NW Flower & Garden Show:

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