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Fountain Tips

To prevent algae growth in either an indoor or outdoor fountain Wight’s recommends using Fountec Algaecide Clarifier. It is safe for all animals except it is toxic to fish. Please read the label for usage instructions.

We recommend PondCare Algaefix to clear or prevent algae growth in outdoor fountains or ponds. This one is safe for koi and aquatic plants.

To clean your fountain or statuary use a soft bristle brush and rinse well. Never use bleach as it can harm the finish and corrode the pump.

To keep the flow strong, clean the pump filter and back flush the tubing as needed.

Sealer spray or Henri’s Polish applied annually will restore any lost luster.

Spring care:

Before restarting your fountain for the season, check for any cracks. The best way to do this is fill it with water (every tier if there are multiple) and wait an hour or so. If the bowls are not leaking out the side, it’s a good bet the concrete is fine. This also checks the seals from tier to tier.

Next, test the pump in a sink or bucket. If you did not remove the pump (as recommended for winter) you can clean and fill the bowl and just test it there.

Clean the fountain with water and a soft brush. Rinse it once or twice and reconnect the pump. Get it flowing and check that the fountain is level. If the water flow is even, you’re all set up!

Add Fountec or Algaefix throughout the season to keep algae down. Enjoy another summer of fountain ambience!

Indoors or outdoors, a water feature adds a refreshing, soothing, ambiance to the environment. In the garden — fountains, ponds and pools, instantly transform the landscape, inviting us to linger, lounge and relax. Our 3 acre site, gives us plenty of room to display one of the region’s largest inventories of water features in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes. Some require installation, but there are plenty of water features that require nothing more than being filled with water and plugged in. As with anything else, consider your space as well as your style and color preferences.

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Create a calm environment with an indoor fountain for your home or office. Great for desk tops, kitchen, bathrooms, foyers and entryways, even bedrooms- anyplace you want a soothing effect is the right place to add an indoor fountain.


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Large or small water features add tranquility to any environment. Choose the perfect fountain for your home, office or garden from our great selection of sizes, styles and finishes.

Delivery is available.

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